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Yay, altijd ijs!

Een paar weken geleden werd een van mijn oma’s 87 jaar, feest! Dit werd goed gevierd met drankjes en gebakjes in het voormalige restaurant van mijn oom en tante, de Pieterman in Volendam. Daar kwam ik ook mijn nicht Marleen tegen en die had iets heel gaafs meegenomen, namelijk haar zelf geschreven boek met ijs-recepten! Continue Reading…


Chocolate Guinness Cake

This weekend we celebrated the 30th birthday of Frank, my significant other. I organised a double surprise party: the first surprise were his parents coming over from abroad, the second one was a party with all his friends from far and wide. The surprised expressions on his face were priceless :). During the day we had to keep him busy, so we send him to the Heineken experience in Amsterdam together with my brother (being a tourist in his own country), so I could make this cake in secrecy…

He likes special beers a lot, he even brewed some himself already! For his previous birthdays we went on weekend trips to small breweries. Now I had to organise a party and ofcourse beer would be the theme. Since the theme was beer, I wanted to make a cake with beer. All of a sudden I remembered the guinness cake we once ate on our trip in Ireland. Continue Reading…


Strawberry slippers

First of all I want to use the opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, may you be happy the whole year through!

Last weekend we went strolling through town, together with my grandma, to get a breath of fresh air. All of a sudden we came across a man who had a trailer which was loaded full with strawberries. I was surprised because it isn’t strawberry season yet (it’s the middle of the winter!) and they were very cheap. That morning I had been watching a cooking show in which the Baker made a delicious pie topped with strawberries. It felt like it was meant to be, Continue Reading…


Magic in a mug #1

The worst-case scenario: what to do when there is nothing left in your cupboard, you’re craving for something sweet, it’s cold outside and you’re in your pyjamas already. You can make a mug cake! Mug cakes are made from simple basic ingredients that you probably always have in stock: butter, eggs, sugar and self-raising flour. You can make them in just a few minutes using a microwave.

The first time I saw mug cakes was on Pinterest, ofcourse. I decided to try one of the recipies and thereafter I was hooked!  Mug cakes can come in all types and varieties, for example: chocolate cake, blueberry cake, breakfast cake, coffee cake… and so on. For this first mug cake post I chose to make the ‘Lemon Drizzle & Poppy Seed‘ mug cake. Continue Reading…