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Welcome to Tessa’s Cup of Tea

It may be obvious, but my name is Tessa. On this website, I will share all things that are my cup of tea, ranging from delicious recipes to extraordinary facts about nature.

I’m 26 years old (my birthday is on the 15th of November, I love getting birthday cards!) and I’m a PhD candidate at Wageningen University. Living in Wageningen is awesome because the whole city is surrounded by beautiful nature. I’m living together with my boyfriend and my two cute leopard gecko’s called Nessie (named after the monster of Loch Ness which is a very cool mystical creature) and Rory (named after one of the old kings of Ireland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world).

My hobbies are making my own pasta (especially ravioli’s), cooking and baking in general, roof-top veggie gardening, visiting castles, and my latest hobby is sewing clothing!


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