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Kinilaw (Filipino Ceviche)

In week 7 of my 52weeksofcooking challenge, I was challenged into making something from the Philippines. It was a difficult choice, there were a lot of interesting and different recipes of which I’d never heard of before. Take for example ‘aroz caldo’, a thick and creamy rice soup. Or purple ‘ube ice cream’ which is made from the root crop ube. I decided to make ‘kinilaw‘, a Filipino style ceviche.  Continue Reading…


Goat cheese tartlets with caramelised onions and balsamic syrup

Do you like goat cheese? Yes? Do you like balsamic vinegar? Yes? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then you shouldn’t read any further. If the questions are answered by yes, then you should really consider trying these amazing tartlets! They are perfectly balanced –  a bit savory and a little sweet too. The recipe is very versatile, you can make big tartlets for a starter dish or small appetisers. I went for making small appetisers this time. Continue Reading…