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December 2015


Magic in a mug #1

The worst-case scenario: what to do when there is nothing left in your cupboard, you’re craving for something sweet, it’s cold outside and you’re in your pyjamas already. You can make a mug cake! Mug cakes are made from simple basic ingredients that you probably always have in stock: butter, eggs, sugar and self-raising flour. You can make them in just a few minutes using a microwave.

The first time I saw mug cakes was on Pinterest, ofcourse. I decided to try one of the recipies and thereafter I was hooked!  Mug cakes can come in all types and varieties, for example: chocolate cake, blueberry cake, breakfast cake, coffee cake… and so on. For this first mug cake post I chose to make the ‘Lemon Drizzle & Poppy Seed‘ mug cake. Continue Reading…